Monday, May 11, 2009


Okay, Damn it, I left my little white Muji notebook with all their credits at the office. So that will have to follow. Black and white was the prevalent look for that night. Spots of color like red and green brightened the otherwise monochromatic pallette. Those in the know came in their favorite 5cm pieces. Robi Lolin, creative director of F&H came in a really cute skinny tie while Robby Carmona came in full head to toe 5cm.

Valerie, so hip and cool in her off duty model uniform. Cropped leather jacket and second skin high shine leggings.

Yes, and a little bit of eye candy. Hoe hem gee. They both look too good to be true. Alex, british. Markus, Thai. Rowr.

Future is at their hands.

Loving those grey socks with her criss-cross booties. And that red skirt! Thank you for bringing a touch of happy color!

AC of course in a Balmain-ish jacket by Cebu based designer Protacio.

Robby Carmona yo!

Stylist RCXY in a Geoff Gonzales blazer, Levis jeans, and brogues from Cubao X.'s Isha Andaya in a Patricia Field for M&S jacket, Giordano tee, old Helmut Lang jeans she cut up and Miu Miu slingbacks.

Stylist Paolo. HOT.

And a sprouting of Sprouses!!
Make up artist Jake Galvez in his gnormous Stephen Sprouse KeepAll.

Saw his shoes from across the room and had to go over and say Hi. Damn. LV sneakers? I've never seen anyone wear it outside the LV store.

Last time i checked, they retailed for around P60k. Soooo cute.


Martin said...

Awesome purple shorts of the stylist!

Great blog dude, we need more of you documenting the ~scene~ haha whatever. CHEERS :)

b for bhisan said...

ah ha ! the last guy ! :D paul ! :D :D

Anonymous said...

kulang sa plancha ang lapel ng jacket ni AC