Thursday, May 21, 2009


Just pulled out past photos of DJs that I had to hear play when they were here in Philly, random whim. Indulge me.

Steve Aoki.

Steve Aoki again and the night of the barter-on-the-spot of shirts because I like yours better. I got his Dim Mak, he got my H&M. Lugi yata sya.


Kid Killy.

Roxy Cottontail.

A-Trak. Woop!

And heres a few, from the top of my head, that I hope *fingers crossed* could eventually make it to this side of the pacific.

Fake Blood/DJ Touché

The Aston Shuffle

VanShe Technologic

Kissy Sell Out


Anonymous said...

dear ms. dc

Is AC wearing rick owens shoes?


A said...

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