Saturday, November 5, 2011


I guess its better late than never. That night saw me hosting the party along with the rest of the Preview girls. And when i say host, as in, front and center with a mike. Quite an experience but I'm really not scared of public speaking, I'm more scared of going on long flights,swimming in the ocean and girls who are craftily devious.

Anyhoo, would you believe that tonight is my only free night in a month? It was closing, then went on a one week vacation, and then when i came back it was Fashion Week. No time to breathe really, so now its uploading archived photos. Im thinking even though I'm weeks delayed with the event, the outfits still speaks fashion.

Let me start with mine.
Ang girl ko lang dito diba? May sheer eklat pang nalalaman. But I super loved this dress from Joel Escober's SS12 collection. Its done with point d'esprit, covered in the front by this scrunched up heart pattern. Sweet lang ang drama. Pati pose! haha.
Okay, Rockwell Land's Malou Pineda always comes off as the epitome of class. I always like what she's wearing. This detailing on the hip reminds me of Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2011.
Penny Ngu of Apple & Eve, effortlessly pretty and whose style i can closely relate to. heeh.
Maximalist Laureen in surprising minimal.
That night also saw a trending of one particular color. And its not black.
Rust and orange hues brought warm autumn colors on pretty event dresses.
And Pauline.

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Anonymous said...

Malu is wearing RAJO! From our House of Laurel collection! ANDROGINY!