Thursday, April 29, 2010


I know they do this a lot now, and on a Saturday where I had the RARE time to kill, I went and took a peek.


Oh, this wasn't inside the bazaar yet, saw Kookie hanging out with her boyfriend at the mall. I adore those high waisted faded shorts. Killer platform booties for the win.

And a day shot! Yay! I rarely get these natural light moments, but when I do, the photos always look amazing. Valerie in black but in a roomy onesie, compensating the heat absorb color with an anti-fit silhouette. Amazing how footwear always defines the outfit, With a laced up sandal, this is graceful grecian meets festival chic.

Here's Valerie again with boyfriend Rob. Hot couple channeling beatnik musicians.

Oh, and Valerie sells clothes. Heres a striped cropped jacket that's too cute.

And a washed denim dress that is so me. shop online at streetbeatboutique.

I've always liked Lissa's style. youthful quirkiness as evidenced in that multi-dog tag necklace. And seriously, she's like this even to school which is hamazing.


Bub said...

its been a while its u've updated :( but i love what vallery is wearing! gorgeous. love your blog
come check out my blog
ps. im a filipina :)

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

Hello Bub! Thanks for dropping by. =) I know..... had a relatively quiet night and thought of posting. Gah, can't believe it's been month since my last upload. But.. anyhoo, congratulations, welcome to the real world!

SoulePhenomenon said...

yey! an update.. missed your blog daryl! =)

love kookie, val and lissa's looks =)

Kookie B. said...

hey daryl! thanks for featuring me in Supreme, Philippine Star. :)