Monday, March 9, 2009


Did somebody say 'House Party'? Woohoo!! Gave my liver a rest so I could drink an indecent amount of poison at the Adidas 60th anniversary. And it was F U N!! Thanks Michelle of Theodores for sending me the invite. I'm still waiting for those Jeremy Scott wings. hehe.

Exteriority. Cute.

The giant trefoil by Jeremy Scott is next on my brothers shopping list. We just have to drag our lazy butts over to Theodore's to buy it.

Everybody loves party favors!! I got the cut out sunnies while AC got the blow thingie.

Its DJ Roxy Cottontail flown in from L.A. for the party. I likey her Adidress!

Is it blue because its Adidas?

Sleb spotting, Echo. So cute, reminds me of someone I like. hah. chesmes.


tash said...

i LOVE the accessories of your brother!! where does he usually buy 'em? :)

Karafina said...

looks like you had an awesome time!! just discovered your blog and im totally into it! love seeing the fashion scene in manila! take care///

ericking said...

cool blog you have here! XD

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

Hey Tash, ack, sorry for the uber late reply, My brother's an accessory designer, so most of the stuff he's wearing is his. =)

Karafina! Thanks! Where are you from?

And thank you too Eric, don't be a stranger! =)