Monday, April 7, 2008


I am fascinated with the Times. I'm not trying to be intellectual here by arguing how it's relative to the way we live, what I meant was the broadsheet and the publication that carries the same name. The New York Times and Time are two of my literary cravings and it doesn't fail to leave me with this hope that I can someday find my name as a sub text on one of the titles. Sigh. We can all dream yes? Anyhow, Times has just published their 2008 Top 25 Blogs Poll Results, and yes, it is worth checking. I'm especially delighted with PostSecret, a blog that allows you to send home made postcards with your innermost hush hush fantasies and private thoughts. We all have our dirty little secrets and this is the perfect platform to tell all, guilt free and in absolute anonymity. This is confession in its truest form.

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